Bodyweight Training

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Temple Training

Derry specialises in teaching bodyweight exercise and is the inventor of the Temple Training method, his own bodyweight exercise routine drawing from many different styles of movement-based exercise including but not limited to Pilates, H.I.I.T., Yoga, Strength & Conditioning, Calisthenics & Animal flow.

The positive effects you can expect from employing the TT method include greater flexibility/mobility a greater bodily understanding and kinaesthetic awareness, improved balance, core strength & postural functioning. By learning to use your body better you will lessen your chance of injury and asides from having no equipment needed you are also able to train just about anywhere.

With the TT method, I plan to teach you how to get fitter, look and feel better than you ever have done before. I want to provide a workout where you get your sweat on, leaving the gym feeling like you have put yourself through your paces, while also gaining an understanding of how your body should and can move more efficiently.

Derry uses a combination of Yoga, pilates and, calisthenics based movements to help his clients achieve their ideal physique. You can choose to work with Derry in just one method or allow yourself to be immersed in his unique movement-based practice, fusing elements from all three for a challenging well-rounded workout.

Vinyasa flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga connects breath and movement in a flowing sequence. Each asana or posture is synchronised to a breath allowing the participant to move smoothly from one pose to the next. Vinyasa flow is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. It encompasses many different types of yoga, including ashtanga and power yoga.


Pilates is a system of core based exercises designed to improve flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance in the entire body. It’s emphasis is on alignment, breathing, improving coordination & balance. It does all of the above by focusing on developing strong core muscles.


The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kalos, which means “beauty” and sthenos, meaning “strength”. Calisthenics was first developed in ancient Greece and was used as method to prepare warriors for battle and later for athletes to train for the original Olympic games. The movements involved in calisthenics contribute to the development of balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance.

Animal flow

Animal Flow® is an innovative fitness program based around primal movements that you would find in the animal kingdom involving whole-body functional patterns. Performed in the quadrupedal position (on all fours) animal movements are compound in nature, hitting all the major muscles of the torso and lower body with core having to work substantially to stabilise. Animal flow® is a fun, challenging workout emphasising multi-planar, fluid movement.


“Since I started training with Derry my perspective towards training has changed in many ways. I have always been active, but he showed me how to train in the correct way. His knowledge goes beyond weightlifting and high intensity, nowadays I enjoy the low impact but high-intensity yoga classes with him to help strengthen my joints and muscles. I have never felt more fit and athletic in my life thanks to Derry!” 

Jana Jung , Professional fashion model