Jana Jung – Professional fashion model

“Since I started training with Derry my perspective towards training has changed in many ways. I have always been active, but he showed me how to train in the correct way. His knowledge goes beyond weightlifting and high intensity, nowadays I enjoy the low impact but high-intensity yoga classes with him to help strengthen my joints and muscles. I have never felt more fit and athletic in my life thanks to Derry!” 

Matthew Mavridoglou,
Chief Executive Officer LXM Group

“Derry’s training is thoughtful and inspiring. Sessions are varied, fun and fly by. He carefully explains the purpose and effect of each exercise, and the amazing results prove him right!”

Tom Martin, Executive chairman Martins properties

“In the two years I have trained with Derry I have found his style of coaching to be inspiring and at the same time challenging. His deep technical skills work in sync with his equally strong dietary knowledge and skills as a boxing/martial arts teacher.  Derry has a no-nonsense approach to training, I recommend him without reservation.”

Zion Kahlon, Head of business development at 24option

“Since I started training with Derry, six years ago, my life completely changed. He gave me new ideas about living a healthy lifestyle, training correctly and how to make good food choices. Derry and I became good friends over the years and there is no one else I have met in my fitness journey, who is able to motivate and advise me the same way he does. My weekly training programs are personalised and include not only lifting and conditioning training but also yoga and stretching.

I would never want to train with someone else, as I don’t know of anyone who could meet his high standards.”