I have been a member of a Gym for many years, always interested in maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit, however I noticed over a year ago I’d become very pedestrian in my attitude to training. Heading to the gym, completing the same exercises, fixed on certain aspects such as spending over 2 hours exercising possibly 3 times a week, with very little increase in fitness.

I then made a decision to do something about it and to change the way I approached my training in order to obtain greater benefits, this is where Derry Temple comes into the picture. I met with Derry, had a great consultation about my general fitness level, health, sleep patterns and my nutrition. I discussed my aims, what I wanted to achieve and then was set some challenging goals. Whilst I had a healthy diet, I needed to make some adjustments in order to allow myself to benefit from my training and the advice on nutrition was excellent.

Over the past 8 months I’ve seen great changes in my diet, have become stronger in physical strength and have a greater balance in my exercise routine. I’m now very focused and concentrated on what I’m doing and the ultimate aim and have had great results. I’m much fitter and have certainly moved to a new peak of relative fitness.

I’m on a winning formula, exercise to improve physical strength and maintain good muscle tone, along with good nutrition for a healthy body and mind!

There is always a challenge around the corner and Derry set’s these with great knowledge and expertise, I meet them with great determination!