Available for Private and group sessions in the borough of South Kensington and Chelsea.

Contact Derry on 07466 315 847 with enquiries.

Derry Temple, Msc

Strength & Conditioning, Functional Training, Pilates & yoga, Calisthenics, Animal Flow, Neuromuscular & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Nutrition.

Inventor of the Temple Training method Derry is a bodyweight exercise specialist. With over 18yrs experience he has established himself as a trusted health and fitness expert.

Derry first got into fitness through his love for martial arts. He competed professionally at Muay Thai for several years in his native Ireland, Thailand and eventually in Australia where he was crowned New South Wales Champion. Since then he has switched his focus to studying and certifying in many different aspects of health and fitness including strength and conditioning, functional training, neuromuscular and sports massage therapy, pilates, yoga, diet & nutrition and functional medicine. He also holds a Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Chester.

His years of experience allows him to understand how the body moves and how best to challenge it to get the ideal physique. He combines therapeutic modalities such as deep tissue massage / neuromuscular therapy and medical acupuncture along with movement through exercise to help his clients move fluidly and pain free while getting the figure they desire. His approach to health and fitness is all encompassing and he believes in helping his clients build a healthier lifestyle with long-term results through this multi-discipline approach.

With a hunger for knowledge, Derry ensures he is forever learning from the best in the industry, spending much of his spare time attending workshops, courses and seminars. It is this knowledge that aids him in striving to set new standards in the field of fitness.


Masters in Exercise & Nutrition Science – University of Chester – UK
Neuromuscular/Sports Massage Therapist – St. John Method & ACN
Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach – PICP
Yoga instructor – Green Lotus yoga
Advanced Mat Pilates Instructor – NTC & PHI Pilates
Diploma in Diet and Nutrition – ITEC
Progressive Calisthenics Certification – PCC
Level 2 Bio-Signature Practitioner – PICP
Animal Flow instructor – Global bodyweight systems
Muay Thai Instructor – IMTC
Licensed NLP Practitioner – INLP
Personal Training Educational Internship – ISI
Certified Kinanthropometrist – I.S.A.K.

“Since I started training with Derry, six years ago, my life completely changed. He gave me new ideas about living a healthy lifestyle, training correctly and how to make good food choices. Derry and I became good friends over the years and there is no one else I have met in my fitness journey, who is able to motivate and advise me the same way he does. My weekly training programs are personalised and include not only lifting and conditioning training but also yoga and stretching.

I would never want to train with someone else, as I don’t know of anyone who could meet his high standards.”

Zion Kahlon, Head of business development at 24option