Online Training

Now offering online training – Train live with Derry in the comfort of your home

Have a private personal training session and learn a new skill while keeping yourself in shape. 

You can practice online via live streaming in one or more of the following methods..

The Temple Training Movement Method – Derrys own bodyweight conditioning program built on the fundamental pillars of movement, Mobility, Activation, strength, conditioning, Core & flexibility.

Yoga – Improve flexibility, mindfulness and breathing with a Vinyasa flow practice that connects breath and movement in a flowing sequence.

Animal flow – learn to work the whole body and move in new functional patterns with this beast of a workout.

Pilates – Improve your core strength with Joseph Pilates method which emphasis alignment, breathing, improving coordination & balance

Beat the coronavirus blues by personal training live online with Derry, without having to leave your home.

Simply call, text or whattsapp 07466 315 847 or
e-mail for details.