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How to improve your posture

In modern day society we live with all the advantages that the world has brought us, including big screen TV’s with countless channels to choose from; easily accessible transport allowing us to commute and travel extensively for holidays or work; computers, smartphones and tablets help us manage both our personal and professional life, while the internet provides us an immeasurable source of knowledge and entertainment at our fingertips. These elements alone have improved our lifestyle tenfold, they have become a huge part of our everyday life. The negative result though is that we are far less active, we are often seated for long periods of time, spending hours sitting on the couch, watching television or playing on our I-pad, or possibly locked in our seat during our regular commute. These are now an everyday fact in most of our lives. The key word here is...

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Make your New Year’s resolutions last the year!

As we enter 2020, powerful New Year’s resolutions are made. For many people, it is the promise to improve their health, to get fit, and to lose weight this coming year. They join a gym, sign up for an annual membership and launch themselves into a training program. Unfortunately, by March, gym numbers always drop off.  How is it that all of these determined individuals can lose their enthusiasm so quickly? How do you ensure you are one of the successful few that actually last the distance and get fit? Over the years of working in the fitness trade, I have seen what drives people to success and what leads them to failure. There are a number of key actions that you need to incorporate into your game plan to help you stick to your resolutions. The most vital of these is to set reasonable...

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