Available for Private and group sessions in the borough of South Kensington and Chelsea.

Contact Derry on 07466 315 847 with enquiries.

Reach your peak with Temple Training

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“Derry’s programme helped me lose 14 kilos in just two months!  I have not been so light in 7 years.  I cannot speak highly enough of Derry’s program and the results have inspired me to keep going” ”

Mark Everest

Temple Training is a personal training service provided by Derry Temple based mainly in the Kensington / Chelsea area of London.

Inventor of the Temple Training method Derry is a bodyweight exercise specialist. With over 18yrs experience he has established himself as a trusted health and fitness expert.

He offers a multitude of personal training services including strength & conditioning, yoga & pilates, calisthenics, animal flow, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue massage, lifestyle and nutrition advice.

Derry specialises in teaching bodyweight exercise and is the inventor of the Temple Training method, his own bodyweight exercise routine drawing from many different styles of movement based exercise including but not limited to Pilates, H.I.I.T., Yoga, Strength & Conditioning, Calisthenics & Animal flow.


Derry on tour with the award-winning English Indie pop group “The XX”

The XX

“The XX and I loved working with Derry. He’s professional and personal, is very empathetic to your needs and is a wonderful motivator. He’s skilled in many different methods, yet he tailors everything to your needs, not allowing one methodology to overrule the sessions. I couldn’t recommend him more highly”

Caius Pawson, XX Manager, Young Turks Founder, XL Recordings A&R Director