I attend Derry regularly for sports massage and find his treatments help me recover quickly in between playing tournaments and heavy training sessions. He also has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and has been able to treat any injuries that I have had in the past. With regular treatments I am sure I have managed to avoid any further injury and it has certainly allowed me to stay on top of my game. I would highly recommend Derry’s treatments to anybody who is actively involved in sports or otherwise.

Daniel Glancy, Professional tennis player

I had a chronic leg injury last year and while getting Osteopathy treatment for that, Derry was able to work around my injury and design a programme that got my fitness up again after having most of the year away from the gym. Derry designs programmes based on my goals and is very motivating and great at chasing me up to make sure I’m keeping on track. Derry also runs great Pilate classes which is great for people of all fitness levels.
Most of all Derry has a great personality which makes his painful workout PT sessions somehow fun!!

I was initially sceptical about the health and exercise benefits of Pilates but decided to sign up for a course with Derry as I’d come to know him as a gym instructor and I liked his style and method of training. I’ve now been in Derry’s Pilates class for about two years. I thoroughly enjoy the
classes as Derry is an excellent instructor, he’s engaging and enthusiastic which helps motivate me to improve each week, without noticing that I am!

He has a knack of subtly challenging and encouraging the class to improve so much so that I am now able for some of the more complicated moves that
I thought would be far beyond my capabilities when I first began. I highly recommend Derry as an instructor, and would encourage anyone, from the complete beginner to those who have more experience, to try out his Pilates class.

“When I began with Temple Training, I had not done any physical activity for more than ten years, the stairs, the kids, any physical exercise was an effort. They didn’t just help me get fit again; they challenged me to change my physical and mental outlook on life. This was one decision well worth making”