” I have been training with Derry for roughly ten weeks now and can’t say enough good things about his style of training. As a bit of a wuss (at the start!) he really pushed me hard in the gym and made me go much further than I though I could before. Thanks to Derry I am the fittest I have ever been. His no nonsense approach is also refreshing-no gimmicks or fads just work hard and eat right. I’d highly recommend Derry as a trainer.”

When I first started training with Derry I would hit 240 yards on the golf course and the ball could go left or right. After a short while of training with Derry I had increased my drive to 300 yards and was much more accurate with the ball. I found through his training methods that I had improved power balance and accuracy. This helped me be a better all round player as my short game had improved also. I noticed my stamina increased enabling me to get round the golf course easier. Most importantly my par went from a 16 to a 12. I would highly recommend Derry to anybody looking to improve their sports performance or to get fit in general.

I had been a gym member for years and probably like all females joined because I wanted to lose weight and tone up. I remember saying to the instructor at my first assessment that I did not want to have weights on my program, this was because I assumed you would bulk up if you did weight training. After several years of not taking the gym seriously I started to notice some of the results achieved by others with Personal Trainers so I decided to give it a go.

I set up an appointment with Derry and this was the start of what has become part of my weekly routine for the past year. I started to reap the benefits from training with Derry almost immediately. I have become toned and have muscle definition on my shoulders, arms, legs and most importantly my waist is shrinking which I felt was my main problem area. I have become motivated and now take my trips to the gym seriously and at this moment in time could not now imagine my life without those trips to the gym.

Derry is a professional in his attitude towards my training goals. He pushes hard but not beyond my limits. His words of encouragement when I feel I am going to fail make me want to succeed. He has not only educated me regarding my training but also in relation to diet and nutrition. I always feel an enormous sense of achievement after my training sessions with Derry and would have no hesitation in recommending him as a Personal Trainer.

Probably due to an injury in my vertebra, it is many years that I suffer pain in my shoulders, in my neck and I also suffer from several headaches. With Derry’ treatments, I have finally realized about the excellent results that I can achieve with his treatments: a normal movement of my head as I should and a completely pain relief.

Thanks to Derry, now I can regularly train in the gym and, with his advises about posture and stretching exercises, I can prevent to rise up the headache and the pain in my shoulders and in my neck. In the past years I have received treatments from different Neuromuscular Therapists and I can say that Derry, with his experience combined to his knowledge, is the best Neuromuscular Therapist that I have ever met so far.