Training Responsibly

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals” Jim Rohn – philosopher and success coach.


Life coaching is becoming a bigger field of business by the day. Having someone guide you every step of the way makes it easier on any journey you take. It also takes you to your end result quicker and without many of the mistakes commonly made. My experience in gyms over the last fourteen years has taught me that many people simply don’t achieve the results they want from their training. The reason for this is not that they don’t try hard but that they don’t surround themselves with the support that they need. Philosopher Jim Rohn says that you are the average of the five people you interact with most of the time. So if you want to be great at something then find someone who is already great at it and learn from them.

It is important when training to get the guidance and education from someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in the gym. Every successful business person has had a coach or mentor at some time who taught them to work more efficiently. The same should apply to you while you are aiming to attain your fitness goals. Cut out wasted time and avoid the usual mistakes by working with a professional. I envision a future where fitness will always be supervised; either in a class, small group or a one on one situation. Anybody training under these circumstances will see their results skyrocket while others will be left sitting on the sideline!

Being answerable to someone on a regular basis puts the pressure on, and pressure produces results. You need to record your progress and see steady improvements in order to stay motivated. Without a record of your advancement, how can you expect to see what you have achieved? The simple fact is that progress comes in small amounts and you should look to accomplish little milestones along the way. By consistently recording the weights that you have lifted or the time and distance covered you can see the baby steps that helped you scale the mountain.

Having your bodyfat checked regularly will also ensure you have a consistent and reliable method of measuring your success. Remember though that there is no exact way of measuring bodyfat and that every type of measurement technique has its flaws. Bodyfat measurements from scales will only give you a measurement of how much you weigh but not how much lean mass you have in comparison to fat. Tape measures can be affected by fluid retention which is a common problem for some people particularly for ladies when menstruating. Callipers can be more exact but are only as accurate as the skill level of the person taking the measurements. The moral of the story; get your bodyfat measured regularly but don’t rely on any one measurement as a guide to your success. The results should be looked upon as indicators of whether you are on the right track but sometimes you can expect there will be bumps in the road.

When training as part of a pair, a group or a team you gain the valuable social element that you may have been missing when training alone. When training with others there is always room for a laugh and a joke. When training on your own it is difficult to have a laugh with yourself unless you want to cause everybody else to vacate the weight room. Then you really will be training on your own! Having a partner there to push you to make that extra rep will ensure you don’t give up too easily. Their motivation will help you when you are struggling and vice versa. If you haven’t got a friend of like minded training practices then hire yourself a personal trainer or join a fitness class. When training in a group you can enjoy the comradery of others and you can build friendships with like minded people. For many it is a natural progression that they start training in fitness classes and then move to the weights room. Training in both environments gives you great balance. Whatever environment you are training in you should ensure that you have the support, the guidance and the motivation that you need to achieve your optimum.

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