Making motivation last

A popular add campaign by the RSPCA a few years ago said “a puppy isn’t just for Christmas it’s for life”, well similar can be said for New Year’s resolutions, they aren’t just for January they are for the whole year. As we entered 2015 powerful New Years resolutions were made and for a lot of people the common New Year’s resolution involved a promise to improve their health. In January people always flock to the gym in their droves signing up for a year long contract resigning to be fit, healthy and to loose weight in the year ahead. Unfortunately come March the gym numbers always drop off. Why is it that all these determined individuals quickly loose fate in their new year’s resolutions and their new found enthusiasm? How do you ensure you are one of the few successful people that actually does get fit, that you build the body of your dreams and manage to hold onto it in the future? Well below I have listed the major stumbling blocks that cause most people to give up before they have gotten the results and also pointers that if followed will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals next year.

Expect hard work
• Realise now before you begin that there are no quick fixes, there are no easy ways out and that to build the body of your dreams you will have to work hard. This is the most important of all my advice in this article so I’ll repeat it. However difficult you are expecting it to be, forget it; it’s going to be harder. This doesn’t mean that it is going to be horrible or impossible. It’s just that most people think that once they have signed up to their membership and that if they continue to turn up here and there and do a little bit of work they are going to see big results. Well don’t fool yourself; you have to work for every pound and every inch! This shouldn’t put you off it just makes success taste sweeter once you get there!

Progress to see results
• Those who don’t see results will quickly become disheartened and give up. To see results you need to remember the first rule in the gym which is the overload principle. Let me explain this to you, you challenge the body with physical exertion it is not accustomed to. The body gets stronger and fitter in response. Therefore you must consistently challenge the body by making the exercise regime harder in order to make it respond more. You must look to progress every time you go to the gym. When the body has adapted to the form of exercise you are doing you must change your program and give it a new challenge. In the words of Albert Einstein “Insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over again and expecting the same results.” Your gyms staff should be able to change your program for you regularly or consider hiring a personal trainer to set new programs for maximum results.

Don’t forget to eat right
• Do not underestimate the importance of nutrition. You can train all you want in the gym but if you do not eat the right foods you will not get the right results. Nutrition is bigger then training! I believe that nutrition far outweighs the importance of training when it comes to achieving the physique you want. This is also one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people because it is an area that needs to be worked on continuously. Most people’s perception of how they eat is good where as in reality the majority of people eat terribly. You should read a good book on nutrition and consider seeing a professional on healthy eating advice. Do not take your advice from magazines or adverts on the telly. Most people have formulated their ideas on what is healthy and what is not through the media. This is the wrong place to take your nutritional advice from and by following some of the quick fix nutritional advice spouted from these sources you could do yourself more harm then good.

No Excuses
• Those that make real results in the gym don’t make excuses. Those who look to blame it on someone else, their situation, or life in general are those who fail miserably. If you do find yourself making excuses as to why you didn’t get to the gym or why you haven’t achieved what you set out to do then simply kick yourself in the arse! We all fall down every now and again but you have to be able to hold yourself responsible for your own decisions, be able to pick yourself back up, dust yourself down and get back on the bandwagon. Don’t tell me you just don’t have the motivation to do it. Remember next time you are stuffing some form of sugar concocted rubbish in your mouth, you make the choice! You either choose to go to the gym and eat well in order to feel and look healthy or you choose enjoying yourself by eating fattening foods drinking too much or being lazy. The results you get are a result of your actions.

Consistency is imperative
• This links back to my first point. There are no quick fixes. Getting fit and healthy is a lifelong job. It takes hard work and it takes consistency. Don’t come to the gym and train like a madman for a month only to return to being a couch potato next month. Don’t take on ludicrous calorie restricting diets only to return to your former eating habits when you don’t get the results you want. Following either of these paths you will do more harm then good. Looking for short cuts will only lead to short lived results!

Set Reasonable goals
• Don’t come to the gym with unreasonable expectations. You need to set yourself realistic goals and if you don’t achieve them when you had planned then go back to the drawing board, look at why it didn’t work and what you can do about it. Just like those who make excuses always fail, so do those who quit easily. To succeed you must always try your best, keep it consistent and think smart. If you fail, then think of it as a learning curve. Next time you will know better.

By following all of the above advice you can make your New Years resolutions last and see a long term improvement in your health lasting well into 2015 and beyond. For maximum results think of joining a class, a sports club, hiring a personal trainer or recruiting some friends to train with. The collective energy of a group will always allow you to achieve more then on your own. Most importantly think one step at a time and eventually you will have achieved your goals.

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