Fit For Summer

The summer is here so it is time to dig out last years swim suit in preparation for the good weather and your next holiday destination. But does last years swimsuit still fit or has a winter of hibernation taken its toll on your waistline? If you want to get your body in shape for the sunny summer months then maybe its time to start planning how you are going to look your best.

One way to kick-start a new regime is to list all the reasons you want to shape up. Writing down your goals and the reasons you want to reach them will help motivate and inspire you. Along with reviewing your reasons for training you need to set yourself some realistic goals. Mark down your weight, and as your programme develops you will have a visible record of your progress. Record any training done and try to consistently improve your results.

The first law of thermodynamics dictates that weight loss occurs whenever energy output exceeds energy intake. So you need to increase your daily activity and combine this with good eating habits. It was reported in the International Journal of Obesity that analysis of the past 25 years of weight loss research found that the average weight loss of a weight reduction programme was hugely increased when a proper diet was followed along with exercise. A food diary can help make you more aware of your nutritional blunders. Write down absolutely everything you eat and drink & review it to look for common dietary mistakes. The most common errors include not eating a breakfast, going too long without eating, eating too many processed carbohydrates and not enough vegetables & protein.

Hill & Peters in the Journal of Science found that a number of recent environmental transformations have caused changes in eating and exercise behaviour and this has led to the rising obesity epidemic. The biggest determining factors included the availability and marketing of “fast food” and convenience foods along with increased time in sedentary hobbies including watching television and using the computer.

Over the past thirty years there has been a dramatic decrease in activities of daily life (ADLs) but only a small increase in the proportion of people taking up leisure activities which involved physical exercise. The reduction in ADLs can be contributed to a number of factors including fewer manual labour jobs, less physical activity levels involved in housework and shopping, more accessible forms of transport leading to less walking and cycling. This reduction in ADLs has been estimated to have reduced the average amount of calories burnt by 500 per day. The calorie expending effects of physical activity are not huge but they do add up and overtime and will help induce weight loss. We are genetically predispositioned for movement so get as active in your daily life as you can.

Of course if you want to see serious results you should embark on an exercise program. You’ll see a huge difference once you prioritize exercise into your life on a permanent basis. One of the best ways to train is a combination of cardio and resistance training. This helps you to not only lose fat but also gain muscle ensuring a toned look, a stronger body and a higher metabolism. Most important is to do something you really enjoy; working out shouldn’t have to be boring. For those who despise the gym and want to train outdoors in a fun environment Bootcamp may be a suitable option. Bootcamps have enjoyed a surge in popularity recently because they involve a mix of both endurance and resistance training in an enjoyable atmosphere. For fast fitness results why not combine one of your summer breaks with a bootcamp style holiday full of fun outdoor activities and daily training to see quick results.

It is important to have a circle of support so you should encourage a friend, family member or spouse to be an exercise partner and join you in your weight loss effort. This person should only be used as a support however and not as a crutch to lean on. This is your journey to the ideal beach body and nobody else can get you there.

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