Personal Training

Personal Training

Derry Temple is a leading professional health and fitness industry expert. He has dedicated the last fifteen years to helping his clients achieve real and life changing results.

Tired of training without getting the results you want? New to training and don’t know where to start? With the help of a seasoned professional you can achieve your goals. Gyms are full of people who have been training forever and have gotten nowhere. Don’t be one of them!

Catering for all levels of fitness and experience, I can help you…

  1. Loose weight and get a lean and healthy physique
  2. Improve how you move to keep yourself pain free and fit
  3. Return to shape after pregnancy
  4. Improve your sports performance
  5. Get in shape for your upcoming wedding or holiday
  6. Lose weight and keep it off
  7. Get Lean and/or build muscle mass
  8. Learn to eat healthily and still enjoy good food!

Temple Training 6 step plan for success

  1. Attend your nutrition and lifestyle consultation
  2. Receive your “Training & Eating for Fat Loss Manual”
  3. Receive your Personalised diet plan and my food plan with 70+ recipes
  4. Be assessed structurally with my postural and movement screen
  5. Be taken through your personalized training plan tailored to your needs
  6. Have regular body fat measurements & food diary review

I adopt a holistic approach that addresses all areas of health and fitness; educating you on lifestyle issues such as improving your sleep and reducing physical and mental stress, teaching you the secrets of burning fat through a diet plan designed for your body

I guarantee long term fat loss

Training with me regularly ensures you see the results you want whilst learning how to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of. By teaching you the fastest and most effective methods of training I will help you produce the best possible results.

Pair or Group Training is also available


Paula Okeefe

Paula O’Keeffe

“After having three children in the last few years I found it hard to get my body back to how it looked before. Derry helped me change that. He addressed all the changes I needed to make to my diet so that I was fitter, healthier and had more energy. He originally helped me recover my core strength through a Pilates training program and now that I am able he trains me hard in the gym. I have increased my strength two fold, I no longer have back pain and have managed to drop an amazing four kilos. After wasting money on gym memberships and getting nowhere, I am now seeing the results I want. All of this is thanks to Derry.”